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We are always on the lookout for talented writers who can craft interesting, well-researched articles. We hope that our blog can serve as a reliable source of information and actionable tips for readers looking to gain greater insight into the world of telephony, VoIP and other communication tech innovations. And we are looking for fresh ideas from writers such as yourself!

Our blog attracts over 40,000 unique visitors per month from across the globe. The readership includes customers, tech specialists and enthusiasts, and management executives among others. So, there is a lot to gain by contributing to the DotnikStudio blog.
At present, we are accepting articles based on the following broad topics:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Communication
  • Cloud strategy and adoption advice
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud-Based Services/Solutions
  • Product Design Strategies
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web & Software Development
  • Web Design
  • IT Services & Solutions
  • Business Services

If you have any new topics/ideas for articles, don’t hesitate to pitch them to us. We’ll be happy to look them over, and as we stated above, we are all for new ideas!

Submission Criteria

  • Deadlines are important. If something is amiss and you are unable to meet the scheduled deadline, please inform the editor why as soon as possible. Generally they are very understanding.
  • Proofread your article draft before submission. A clear structure will make the editorial process easier (and quicker) for the both of you. Usually the rule of thumb is:
    1. Introduction
    2. Paragraphs presenting an idea that supports your viewpoint
    3. Conclusion/Summary that reinforces what you’ve said
  • Do not take feedback as a personal attack. Editors will always provide feedback that is constructive and aids the development of your article.
  • One editor looks after many authors. They may be delayed in answering your enquiries. Be patient.
  • Bio: While we don’t accept brand promotions in articles, you can add links to your website or social media in your bio. Your bio should be concise, consisting of a maximum of 3 sentences.
  • Before you start, take a look at the articles that have been published so far on our Blog Page. Search the blog to avoid submitting articles on topics that we have already covered before. Also, take a look at the quality of the articles, it’s the quality of writing we expect from you.

PUBLICATION PROCEDURE: Our editorial team will undertake a thorough review of your submission/proposal to make sure it is original, well-written, and provides value to our readers. DotnikStudio editors reserve the right to make any modifications, deletions, or corrections as they see fit. If your submitted article or proposal meets our editorial guidelines, you will receive the confirmation for the same within 7 days. Once the article is successfully published, it will be shared on our social media channels. You cannot re-publish the article on any channel elsewhere. Happy writing!

We look forward to receiving your submissions at [email protected].

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